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Breathing Filter with Luer Port

This product includes:

  • sterile heat and moisture exchange filters is designed for use in breathing systems in the operating theatre and the intensive care unit.
  • a wound paper HME media, providing a further choice for our customers.
  • an easy to use option with an integral 90┬░ elbow for pediatrics, reducing the need for an additional catheter mount or separate patient elbow – provided only sterile.
  • range of dedicated sterile breathing filters.


This Breathing Filter features:

Filtration efficiency >99.998%
Moisture loss 6 mg H2O/l
Calculated moisture return 32.3 mg H2O/l
Resistance at 30L/min 1.6 cm H2O
Resistance at 60L/min 2.7 cm H2O
Compressible volume 57 ml
Weight 31 g
Connectors 22F/15M-22M/15F
Minimum tidal volume >180ml