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Laryngeal Masks and Laryngoscopes are, simply put, devices that allow to view the larynx. The larynx can be looked at either directly or indirectly. Devices for direct laryngoscopy essentially establish a direct line of sight between the eye of the practitioner and the larynx.

Early laryngoscopes used a straight “Magill Blade”, and this design is still the standard pattern veterinary laryngoscopes are based upon; however the blade is difficult to control in adult humans and can cause pressure on the vagus nerve, which can cause unexpected cardiac arrhythmias to spontaneously occur in adults.

Two basic styles of laryngoscope blade are currently commercially available: the curved blade and the straight blade. The Macintosh blade is the most widely used of the curved laryngoscope blades,[16] while the Miller blade[17] is the most popular style of straight blade.[18] Both Miller and Macintosh laryngoscope blades are available in sizes 0 (neonatal) through 4 (large adult).

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