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Weinmann MEDUCORE Standard²



  • User-friendly technology of the highest medical standard is all-important here and MEDUCORE Standard² won’t let you down. The practical defibrillation and monitoring unit can be quickly transported to the scene of an emergency and allows you to monitor all the important parameters effectively or, alternatively, assists you with resuscitation to ensure the right steps are taken up to shock delivery.
  • In AED mode, MEDUCORE Standard² guides you safely through resuscitation with voice prompts and a metronome. The optional mode for manual defibrillation offers trained rescue workers additional flexibility since shock energy and shock delivery can be controlled manually.
  • Non-invasive, quick and simple blood pressure monitoring with the automatic NIBP measurement.
  • 6-lead ECG offers all the key leads for patient monitoring: I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF.
  • Control of peripheral pulse rate and oxygen saturation through SpO2 measurement.
  • Maximum safety for users and patients thanks to the professional alarm system.
  • The start menu features a quick selection feature for predefined patient groups; you choose between toddler, child and adult and MEDUCORE Standard² starts the application with the appropriate device settings. All the other setting options can be simply controlled using the intuitive and easy-to-understand operation features. The navigation knob allows you to move through the menus quickly and safely.
  • Important information is automatically saved and quickly and easily made available for export from the SD card.
  • Rechargeable battery for up to 5.5 hours of monitoring or approx. 350 shock deliveries of 200 J.
  • It goes without saying that MEDUCORE Standard² can be individually mounted on the Weinmann LIFE-BASE portable system. Moreover, MEDUCORE Standard² can be combined with the MEDUMAT Standard² or MEDUMAT Easy CPR emergency and transport ventilator and/or an oxygen cylinder. The use of both devices on a portable system results in an ideally coordinated unit for defibrillation, monitoring and ventilation in one hand!

Codes and Dimensions:

  • Name: Weinmann MEDUCORE Standard²
  • Order Code: WM45300-0000
  • Height: 137mm, Width: 242mm, Depth: 130mm


  • EMS Vehicles
  • Military Solutions
  • Disaster Control Solutions
  • Every Ward
  • Day Clinics