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Spencer Scissors Multi-Purpose Rescue Match 3


Match 3 is born, a compact multi-purpose scissors, realized to satisfy the request of an easy and efficient tool. High versatility of use for excellent performance on different materials when cutting or breaking. Thanks to the use of special steel and experienced handcrafted building techniques, this tool guarantees durability and high precision cutting. Thanks to its plastic support it can be easily fixed to walls or by using the springs provided it can be attached to the upholstery of any type of vehicle (ambulance, helicopter, Civil Defense vehicles, Fire Brigades trucks, Police cars, public transportation vehicles). The plastic support can be used also as a protection case and thanks to its self-contained shape, it can be placed inside emergency bags or backpacks. Single packaging in cardboard box printed using a four-coloured process.


  • Interlocking fastening allows a quick access
  • The support ensures that the device remains closed when not used
  • The fastener is installed by means of 3 screws for maximum safety
  • Rounded tip to limit risks of injury to the skin
  • The shape of the plastic part covering the blade, allows to grasp the scissors using them as an evacuation hammer
Technical data:
  • Scissors dimensions: 247x105x18 mm
  • Dimesions with fastener: 252x115x22 mm
  • Blade length: 100 mm
  • Material: Steel, Nylon
  • Scissors weight: 374 g
  • Fastener weight: 36 g