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Ojmar Multifunction programmable telecommand Wand

Ojmar Digital Multifunction programmable telecommand Wand, override Key for Ojmar Digital Lock


Contact-less Telecommand Wand (Override Key for Ojmar Digital Lock)

Each Site can have the option to have a Super Master Code to open any lock in lieu of using a Master Key. The Master Key can be stand alone to open and close lockers by management, or it can allow each facility to expand the customization and options available using the OCS Lock System when integrated with the OCS Software. Lockers can be opened and closed by management without disturbing the user’s code.



The contactless key operates as a master key in an unlimited number of lockers.



As well as master key the key can be set as a Programming Key to facilitate the following functions:

  1. Programming key

Customize the OCS Lock according to the specific facility needs. IE: rental periods, automatic opening, LED On/Off etc.

  1. Master / service key

Resetting master codes in case of staff leaving for additional security.

  1. User key

Can be used as an ADA User Key.

  1. Events key

Download the Audit Trail and Events at the Lock level with date time as well as the last used code.

  1. Software

User friendly and intuitive, the optional software will let you manage your site along with the wireless key.