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Nitrocare Innova Hospital ICU Bed


  • Motorized head-rest, leg-rest and height
  • Fowler and Vascular positions
  • Knee adjustments with a gradual mechanism
  • Easily removable fixed head/foot boards
  • Side rails made from aluminium and compact materials
  • Plastic protection bumpers
  • Urine Bag Holder
  • Accessories slot
  • Height adjusting IV pole
  • Electro-Static powder coating
  • Trendelenburg Movements with the help of a mechanical damper mechanism
  • Hand control unit
  • Flat position of bed backrest for emergency [Mechanical CPR]
  • Battery backup
  • Over bed lifting pole and handle
  • 3-function base with a manual tilting lever

Precaution: Safe working load –  220kg

Item code: MHE-6230





The Nitrocare Innova features:

  • Electrical operation of head, leg-rest and height
  • 3-Function Base
  • Battery Backup
  • Patient Hand control