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ISIK Emergency Stretcher



–          1)Movement: Backrest adjusted by two gas springs (800N) Max: 75 degrees

–          2) Movement: Legrest adjusted by two gas springs (800N) Max: 25 degrees

–          3) Movement: Height adjusted by a hydraulic pump (4500N)

–          4) Movement: Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg adjusted by four gas springs

–          Produced from aluminium (70%)

–          Epoxy painted metal frame (60 microns)

–          Movable parts coated with galvanized

–          200mm central brake castors, 75mm 5thcastor

–          One castor is antistatic

–          Xray Translucent

–          Mattress platform produced by HPL

–          Side rails structure: 20x20x1.5mm profile covered by polyurethane

–          3lt tube holder

–          File holder on the backrest

–          3mm ABS plastic covered on back and leg sides

–          Aluminium hinges

–          7mm aluminium column profile

–          Stainless steel foldable serum holder with two hooks

–          Mattress platform manufactured from 8mm HPL


Technical Details:

Width: 817mm

Length: 2215mm

Mattress Dims: 600 x 1995 x 100

Min.Height: 560+230mm

Max.Height: 790mm

Back angle max: 70 degrees

Leg angle max: 25 degrees

Trendelenburg angle: 14 degrees

Reverse Trendelenburg angle: 13 degrees

Carrying capacity: 250kg

Wheel: 200mm


The ISIK Emergency Stretcher features a backrest and leg rest adjusted by two gas springs. Its height is adjusted by a hydraulic pump. Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg adjusted by four gas springs. It is produced from aluminium (70%) and has an epoxy painted metal frame. The movable parts are galvanised. 200mm central brake castors are attached and one castor is antistatic. It is an X-ray Translucent. The mattress platform produced by HPL.It has side rail structures. The tube holder is 3 Lt. There is a file holder on the backrest. 3mm ABS plastic covered on the back and leg sides aluminium hinges. 7mm aluminium column profile stainless steel foldable serum holder with two hooks.