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AED Rescue SAM Semi-Automated Defibrillator

AED Automated External Defibrillator SAM

RESCUE SAM is a semi-automatic external defibrillator.  Designed for providing simple and direct voice prompts and indications for a straight forward rescue operation. AED for external defibrillation, for use in emergency resuscitation situations and CPR.


Standard set:

• Main unit
• Disposable defibrillation Pads – adult
• Disposable battery pack – 5 years battery life
• 6 Year Warranty
• Protective Bag


• Disposable defibrillation Pads
• Wall mounted cabinet
• Software with USB cable adapter for PC data management
• Wall mount

Key Features:

• Traffic light principles – Stop/Go
• 6 Year warranty on device
• 5 year battery life
• Device will self-test daily
• Bi-phasic AED
• Can be used from 20kgs with standard adult electrodes
• Paediatric electrodes available info button calls up elapsed
time and number of shocks since start
• Metronome assists care givers providing CPR
• Training devices available
• Emergency pack available
• Optional mounting solutions available

Codes and Dimensions:

  • Name: Defibrillator Rescue Sam AED
  • Order Code: MHE-RSAED
  • Wall mount Bracket ordered separate



AED Rescue SAM Semi-Automated External Defibrillator

A semi-automatic external defibrillator.  Rescue-SAM AED provides simple and direct voice prompts, enabling straight forward rescue operation.  Automated external defibrillation devices are used in emergency resuscitation situations. This is an essential life saving device, which is used to provide emergency fibrillation when a patient has a cardiac arrest. The easy voice prompts makes it possible for even a basic CPR trained individual to perform defibrillation. Always call your Emergency Response provider in the event of cardiac arrest or when performing CPR.

Defibrillators are devices that restore a normal heartbeat by sending an electric pulse or shock to the heart.  Used to prevent or correct an arrhythmia, a heartbeat that is uneven or that is too slow or too fast. An AED can also restore the heart’s beating if the heart suddenly stops. It is an essential life saving device in the performance of CPR.  Lightweight and battery powered for maximum portability.

Used to treat Ventricular Fibrillation (VF), and Ventricular Tachycardia (VT).

Standard set includes:
• Main unit
• Disposable defibrillation Pads – for adult
• Disposable battery pack, with 5 years battery life
• 6 Year Warranty included
• Protective Bag

Optional additional:
• Additional disposable defibrillation Pads
• Wall mounted cabinet
• Software with USB cable adapter for PC data management
• Wall mounting